Friday, March 26, 2010


I spent my day with Keviiiiin. I tried to be adventurous so i've decided to walk from the Sunkist to Kevin's house, past Hemlock. So i get to hemlock, waiting for the blue man to pop up. Randomly, this guy shows up out of nowhere. Being friendly, introducing himself as JT. Then as we crossed the street, he got too friendly. Some 30~40 year old guy was trying to get 16 year old's cell phone number. Luckily, i got to Kevin's house and he was standing outside. So the old man left.
I watched Akira for the first time. My mind was blown. Hard. When it ended, i was confused. I was confused for being confused. I had questions in my head but i never found out what the questions were. We were gonna watch more but we ended up (or at least i did) falling asleep.
Kevin made me a dinner, Kimchi fried rice. It was really delicious. I actually wanted to keep on eating but my plate was clean&gone.
Days spent with him are always amazing. Time flies too fast though.

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