Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ordinary girl ;

By Rebelution. Lovelyy.

So it is 2010. Halfway done with Junior year pretty much. Then there comes senior year.
i know i'll miss highschool. Being responsible yet able to kickback with family providing everything.
I have to get a job & work hard more than others, comparing my skills with the others.
Navy cant pay for the college? Or so my dad have mentioned. I have to start saving up money instead of spending on useless things. (Except for Warped Tour & Anime Expo)
I am actually scared. Really scared.
It's a like a little five year old kid forced to live in Los Angeles.
instead, i'll be 18.

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  1. I think you will feel better about yourself knowing that you paid for college yourself without support. It will give you that right of "cockiness" that you will use to fulfill your goals.

    Plus, there is always Financial Aide and EOPS!