Saturday, June 19, 2010

Penny for my thoughts.

Explain to me an another angle because i do not comprehend.

Why are some eager to put themselves in a situation to relive their past
when they've always complained??
Is it because they're two-faced?

Because i wouldnt.
Im not saying im not two-faced because everyone is in most situations.
I dont understand why you would put yourself in a position to get reminded about numerous stupidity you've been through. However, my position wasnt intense like others. It wasnt bipolar between "love/hate".
This is my opinion. So care to explain.
I want to try to understand.


  1. Well first of all, as human beings we have the basic neccessity to constantly refer to the past in whatever way we can. Though we may live in the present and hope for our future, our everyday decisions are based on what we've done in the past. That's why you 'grow' as a person over time and learn from your mistakes.
    Now, reliving the past is but one way to refer to the past. Normally only a very powerful memory or emotion causes someone to try and relive it again. You don't have to be two-faced to want to relive something from your past, however. It's more of a straight-forward kind of thing. Even if you had complained and cursed that point in your life, perhaps there is something about that point that you enjoyed, that you felt. Some form of feeling or emotion you experienced for the first time. Maybe it came from someone you cared about, someone you first loved. Or maybe you hated their guts, and it was a kind of 'love to hate you' kind of thing.
    The thing is, is that we are all in search for our past. We are all trying to relive those feelings or moments that made us who we are today. Just think about it hard enough, and you'll see how many times you do it too without knowing. It's almost like an instinct. And because we are always trying to relive the past, sometimes we are willing to put ourselves in situations that can give us a little taste of what we felt before. Though some people stay stuck in the past, and sacrifice their present and ultimately their future, all for a memory.

  2. I never said you HAVE to be to two-faced to relive the past. I never said I dont try to relive the past. It just depends on the situation. I just wouldnt do it because like i said, my wasnt like your situation. Mine was stupid, shady, and disrespect in many levels. I guess i understand from your point of view.