Sunday, November 21, 2010

e.l.f brushes

My mother bought me this today ;
I took them out from the package and feeling them, they're kinda disappointment compared to their regular line because e.l.f. has pretty good stuff.
1. Flawless Face Brush it's a little scratchy but not to a point where it's bothersome. I was feeling them on my hand & it was shredding. So downer.

2.Blush Brush
I already have this so i dont really care for.

3.Foundation Brush
This, i am keeping. I havent tried with a foundation but i want this kind of a brush. it's soft too. One down side is the piece that holds the brush and the wand together is coming off.

4.Eye Liner Brush
I dont think this is great eye lining... it's too soft

5.Eye Shadow Brush
I dont really care for.

6.Brow Comb and Brush
Dont care for.

7.Eyelash & Brow Wand
This i'll keep just in case.

8.Smudging Brush
i dont care for.

9.Conealer Brush
I think it's too tiny to be a concealer brush. Probably for right on your acne but i dont like covering my acne. so i dont care for. I tried using this for eye liner because it was the perfect size but it didnt work out.

10.Lip Defining Brush
i dont use lip brush so i dont care for however, im keeping this for eye shadow purpose.
So the thing about this "collection". They're the same as their original $1 line. except it's black instead of white. I say go buy the indivisual. Three of the brushes, im keeping but the rest, i'll be giving them away to my friend.

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