Monday, November 8, 2010

One phone call,

ruined my confidence and my dreams.
I had a phone call from Academy of Arts because i signed up to get some information. I was trying to answer this lady's questions and then i dont know what happened because i totally got confused. I told her i want to be in the fashion field, styling. then she asks me what i want to do (?) and she told me that i sound like im not sure about what i want to do. then she told me to go research because she'll call back tomorrow. I cant remember what she was saying because i felt like i was being attacked.
Then i got in the thoughts that im not good enough, nor i'll ever be good enough. I just lost confidence of what i wanted to do in my life because when i was confused, her tone was like as if she was annoyed. On top of that i was nervous so that didnt help.
& when she said "You sound like you're not sure what you want to do with your life." & rambling on, i felt heartbroken. After the phone call i ended up crying cause i felt like complete shit.

The End.

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