Thursday, December 2, 2010

No one

really reads my blog posts. so i think it's fine if i get personal on here. Besides, i need to let things out. and i dont want to be taking it out on people i love.
So since yesterday, i've been pissed off.
Yesterday was simply because of annoying people at school. That's fine, time goes by, i move on with my life. But today, when small things pile up as the day goes by to the end of the day, i am sick and tired. And as i mentioned on the other post, when im pissed off or whatever, my mind function gets intense.

1. Im tired of school. yeah, everyone gets tired of school. So am i. I cant stand seeing immature little kids running around with their obnoxious groups, style, and attitude. But what's worse is you got these seniors who doesnt seem to grow the fuck up. And there are some seniors who's mind are so naive. Telling me about their unfaithful stories or how some are taking advantage of people. Then i got these office people (because i am an office aide) who just orders the kids to put these STACKS of slips away in the cabinets, one by one in an alphabetical order. On top of that, i feel like a loser because im surrounded by these people who've applied to the universities. especially in calculus, i feel stupid because while everyone is doing a GOOD JOB, im here with an ALRIGHT-BUT-YOU-SHOULD-DROP-THE-CLASS-BECAUSE-YOU-SUCK.

2. For the past weeks, my parents have been getting along. And i thought that made me happy. However, they just annoy me. I've gotten used to that fact of not having a father, and seeing my stepfather and my mom argue constantly, seeing them getting along bugs me. Especially when they go out randomly at middle of the night and have me babysit. Then i got my first sister who has.. anger issues and she hates my youngest sister. That pisses me off but i feel guilty because it's my fault that she's like that. When i see her actions, i see a reflection of me but more intense.

3. When my dad bitch little things about me, it's so annoying than him bitching about the obvious things that i did wrong. Like when i stole shit, yeah i would understand. But when it comes to "being on time" and shit, he needs to shut the fuck up because he has no room to be talking. Infact i dont why he's bitching at what i do when he cant do his shit right.

i feel like i had more to type but my head hurts. and i cant think anymore
because im so bothered right now.


  1. I read your post! and if you ever need to talk about anything I'm always a text away... :D

    Sorry about the ways things are going btw...but i know having sympathy won't make things better...but i really do things start to get brighter for you