Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi, it's wednesday and this is what i wore;
I've had obsessions with glasses ever since i was little, probably because my first crush in kindergarten was wearing glasses. So anyways, when i saw the necklace, i had to get it :D

So today is not an usual "okay" day for me. Rather, people annoyed me. Probably the only thing that made my day was Matthew texting me. Once i get annoyed, my mind tends to function furthermore and as minutes, as hours goes by, i am more annoyed and pretty much pissed off to a point where i can cuss for the whole entire time. Then i think too much to a point where i dont even know what im thinking about.
& this is a habit i've created since i was little. I was never able to tell what was on my mind, especially in person. Still to this day, i have trouble saying what is bothering me, especially when i am pissed off at that person. So instead, i keep my anger in me, which just ends up building up. More mind function goes on. & i breakdown.
i dont even know why im explaining this on here.

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