Monday, March 28, 2011


I love my mother.
She's the best at anything that comes in her way.
She very well understands psychology
(because she was trying to major it when we were in japan)

She stands right below "perfection".
below perfection.
Everyone has flaws, therefore she has flaws.
And i indeed see her flaws.

She's been leaving me home since i was little
back then was because she had to work. She had three jobs.
Then when my step father came in,
it wasnt "work".

They leave me home, throwing me to hold responsiblities for my siblings.
while they stay out for few hours.
I fucking hated it.

& all of the sudden in my senior,
they start doing the same shit again.

I love my mom,
but i expected more class
and more sense in what she's doing.

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