Sunday, June 5, 2011


So my friend Dez came to sleep over yesterday.
We met up with my friend Carlos and John.
I introduced Dez to them because we are going to Anime Expo together:)

First we went to Thousand Oaks to see this new japanese store called Tokyo.
The one in Santa Monica is way better.
Then we went to Westfield Mall in Topanga because we didnt want to go home.
& they had purikura machine so we took pictures!
I havent taken purikuras in....six years??? Ohgad,
it was so fun, haha.
On the way home, we were blasting music and singing along.
We sang alone to "Friday" by Rebecca Black. hah.
It was fun.

Now here i am:

taking pictures, talking to people online, blogging, texting.
Instead of studying for my finals.

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