Monday, June 27, 2011

Circle Lens!

So my sweet boyfriend ordered circle lens for me from ilovecirclelenses
I got Adult Grey by EOS. No matter how many pairs of lenses you buy, the shipping is only $3.75 (other countries $4.75) USPS First Class Mail with a tracking number.
My first pair of contacts. It was a little difficult to putting them in my eyes & getting used to having them in. But few minutes later, they were comfortable and i didnt feel like i was wearing anything :D
It claims "Grey" but in some lighting, it looks violet and some lighting it looks blue. Which is pretty nice. Especially cause i didnt want pure blue contacts for my cosplay. This will do :
I bought a wig cap today at Party City and while i was trying my wig on in my room, my dad walks in, sees me. & says "What the hell".
ahaha. Awkward.

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