Thursday, July 16, 2009


Nothing to do ; i was going to type about my thoughts but i've decided to put those things to the side because most of the posts are ... i guess.. "emo"-ish?

Well! Todayy, (technically yesterday)
i went to the pool on base [*Note : i cannot swim] with Melinie, Dianne, Jeremy, and his brother, Robert.
Havent been to the pool in such a long time.

So after going in the water couple of times, i wanted to fix my tan line from my shorts.
i've totally forgotten that i did not put a sunscreen on my shoulders and my chest.
So i got burnt. [I didnt noticed until when i went to go take a shower around 1am]

I would post some pictures but i have a new computer
& im not supposed to be saving things yet because i havent trasferred my files from my old computer.
Ohhh Good News!!<3>
Since we (my family) got a new computer,
i get to keep the old one .
Which the computer isnt bad, it's been three years but that's still pretty new i suppose.
i dont think it's a good computer for sharing with the family
so yeah.

The End!

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