Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Why was six afraid of seven???
Because seven ATE nine. AHAHAHAH, knee slapper

I drew again, two kitties watching sunset.
;; I was reading a manga today and it's basically about drama and love. Got me wanting to draw something nice & pretty. Something... romantic??
Today was pretty an okay day. On the way to the doctors today, i was playing "Gayfish", "Im on a boat", "I jizzed in my pants", etc. in the car. Yes, infront of all of my siblings and my mom. They didnt understand the song so it was a bummer.
I took a bubble bath todayy!
So niiiiiice .
im gonna stop now.
i just realized i put
"WITH a fucking ton"
i meant "weighs a fucking ton"
i should check what i typed before i post. hah

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