Friday, August 28, 2009

Malibu Beach

[Enter Picture Here]
^^ Sadly, i have no picture of the beautiful sunset at Malibu Beach because i didnt take my camera.
In fact i didnt know i was going there.

My day started off with three crappy dreams in a row.
Then off to drumline.
Learning second part of Walk This Way. It's intense.

Arturo shows up near the end of the practice.
Then he told me to blindfold myself with this green bandana.
*drive drive drive*
& we end up at the Malibu Beach.

*climb climb climb * them mountain
At the top,
i saw the pretty sunset :)
Sat there and talked until it got late.

going down, more scary than going down.
At one point, i just slid down, i thought i was gonna die.
Arturo hurt his hand :(
im sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- > Went to Jack in the Box,
i fell asleep while Arturo drove me to the gate

Clark always makes my mood :)

PS. R.I.P Coach Laut

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