Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Room

So due to the internet connection that was unable to reach my room, i had to switch rooms with my dad/ guest room.
I've worked for probably like 11 hours . It's whatever.

Have been frustrated all day not only because of cleaning rooms but other things.

I realized i have a lot of things that reminds me of Arturo or that belongs to Arturo.
Like :
1. His bracelets
2. Blue Ring
3. Mickey Mouse he got for me on his gradnight
4. The letter that came with the Mickey Mouse
5. Part of this glowstick sword
6. His old sidekick
7. His bunny hat
8. His beanie
9. Key chain from Warped Tour 09
10. Penguin Shirt
There's a lot more im pretty sure

Ryan Faustino made me a video :)
& i made brownies.

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