Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ventura County Fair #2

So went to the Ventura County Fair again.
All dayy with Churro, aka Clark.

Picked up some hoes (Mitchell, Amanda, & Marsha, aka Kitty, aka 12yearold)
at the Pacific View mall,
then went to the fair.
Split up with the hoess.
& yeeee.

Around Fiiiiive,
dropped the hoes back at the mall,
then Arturo and I went to see a movie, Up.
i cant believe it's a Disney movie. Seriously.
But i liked it. The fat kid was super adorable.

Oh, so after dropping them hoes off,
Arturo, Marsha, and I was walking around
and since i had few money left on the Hot topic gift card,
we decided to go buy candies
(That's what i spent on last time when i was there.
The JONES carbonated candies are the shit. especially the Orange & Cream one)
Fuuuuh, never EVER going back there again.
they have a shirt of that one stupid annoying song, "im a jerk",
making these cool things look super lame and colorful.
Playing LMFAO.

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