Friday, September 3, 2010

Third day

So i survived through the third day of school. It's going pretty alright although, i can see some friendship difficulties. But whatever, it always happens. I got my chin up. :)
Anywhoooo, so this morning i was kinda bummed about the fact that since i have work on fridays, i cant go to football games.. but i guess .. money is better. haha.
I talked to Coach Garrett! AH! i miss him.
So at work today, there was this guy (around the age of 20s) he was eating sushi with his family and i noticed he kept looking or glancing over me, i ignored. Then after they left, he came back with his friends and after sitting for couple of minutes, he came up to me and handed me a little piece of paper with his name and his phone number written. Im taken sorry sugah.
& there was this old guy who i served the food, took orders and shii, when he was leaving, he came up to me and gave me tips.

Chillin with muhh babe tomorrow. :)

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