Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Senior Year

It feels like just few months ago, when my seniors graduated. It feels like just a month ago, when the cute seniors graduated. It feels like a week ago, i was still in school. It feels like just yesterday, i started my summer. I wore a long bright pink dress in the foggy weather and i started my senior year. Honestly, i am bummed that i dont have Symphonic band. But at the same time, i actually like the people in my calculus class. Lorena, Garrett, Wesley, Kyle, Miguel, Brittany, and many others. Office Aide (which i did not sign up for , but hey, it's gooood), American Gov with Chris, English with Ben, Physics with my babe, Rudy, Brittany, and Miguel. French3 with Chris (which we are switching out). I just gotta switch Chicano Lit instead of having french3.
I am so ready for this.

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