Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Summer

It was in the future, probably few years ahead. I still lived on base and i stood outside of my house with this guy. I guess we were friends, rather best friends. He questioned if it was okay to take things further. I answered, "i like the level we are right now." He's attitude changed. He threatened me. All of the sudden this black car pulled up next my neighbor's house as my best friend took out a knife (or scissors). I didnt have a house key on me so i couldnt save my life. I door belled but i had forgotten my mother was gone to drop off my siblings to school. I tried to take out my phone but he grabbed it and threw it. Cracked. Then somehow my door opened. Before i could run in, he stabbed me on my thigh. I managed to get into my house and close the door, locked. However, everywhere i looked for help, the guy was there standing in front of the bodies. I woke up from the endless chase of the creep who i had no idea of. I got out of my bed and went downstairs, looked outside the window. Paranoid. The black car was there. I have no idea if this black car had anything to do with the guy, but it was parked like how it was in my dream. My mother came home, and i told her about my dream. She told me some house near our house was murdered.

Then i woke up again. So i had a dream about having a nightmare.

This music video is very creative.
I probably should've bought the single when i was Mitsuwa.

Last day of Summer spent with Kevin, Chris, Frankie, and Dez. For TuttiTuesday.

Well. Senior here i come

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