Friday, July 23, 2010


I love this album so, so much.
I've noticed myself feeling a little bit down. Just because i look back, and i see how much i drifted away from people. I hung out with so many people last year (as in 2009) at school, at drumline, and outside of school. Maybe because it's summer. Maybe because three of my friends are outside of Oxnard. No, but still. I dont even hang out with people i hung out with in sophomore year ;; JoeyI, Fezz, Mitchell, Amanda, Jeremiah, Seth, Kitty, Gabriel, Garrett & they'll have their group of friends so i was surrounded by so many people. Junior year, i only hung out with Lorena, Kevin, Steven, and Chris. I've hung out with other people few times, but it's not the same. I'd ask for them to hang out. But everyone is in a different world. I'd feel pretty awkward.
Well, im going to get distracted with the amazing album by M-Flo.

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