Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Father,

I dont know why i call you a "father" when you're my step father. I dont even know why i bother calling you a step-"father" or "dad". You really dont deserve it. You're the most selfish, ignorant, & stupid person i'll ever encounter in my whole life. Im pretty sure you're gonna read this some point in your life just because you're that type of a person to stalk your wife and your children's privacy. First, i felt sorry for my mother because she had to deal with your bullshit. Second, i felt sorry for Mio because she's very observant and she gets stress from you and mother arguing. Third, I felt sorry for Momoka because you cant remember her fucking birthday when she's the "daddy's girl" type. Forth, I felt bad for Miya because she continues to love you and you dont even care. Fifth, I felt bad for Neo because your stupidass abused him when he was couple months old. Now, i feel bad for you because when i graduate, my mom is not gonna stay with your stupid, disgusting, "mommy's-boy", bullshit ass. Take the reality and admit that she doesnt love you. You can go cry to your ass to your ignorant mom and stay in Hawaii. You should feel lucky that your family hasnt left you and my mom stayed with you for 10years. However. No, you take that as granted. & this is what happens because you never bothered changing your mental issues.
I've never loved you, and i'll never love you. I have no respect for you what so ever. I only appreciate you for giving me a chance to be here, in America. But other than that, nothing. Not that you'll care because you never took me as your "daughter".
When you die, im not gonna bother going to your funeral.

-From Mai.

I feel better now :D


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