Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My mom took me and the siblings to Channel Islands Harbor where they have asian food court. So we got some japanese food there and it was pretty good. The workers were japanese so it's not one of those "Japanese Food" with other races working. (i hope that didnt sound racist or anything... cause i was just trying to state that the taste is usually off) ANYWAYS!
I got katsudon!
It came with mochi, really tiny. & on top it's anko, whip cream, and a little piece of strawberry.
i didnt actually eat it cause Katsudon got me full.
かき氷♥ (Shaved Ice) ahh! Too bad the weather isnt all hot.
So my mom took me to the NEX & i bought a lipstick! it was the last one.
-Soft Nude.

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