Monday, July 5, 2010


So i went to Anime Expo on Friday & Saturday. It was entertaining. Cosplayers were better last year but i enjoyed this year a lot more. I'd post more pictures but i already did that on facebook. (Hence, im just lazy). Well anyways i bought LuckyStar mystery box, and it was Tsukasa! Cute.
So R2D2 was there, it was so legit. It came to me to take a picture so i was flattered. Then im just chilliin, standing there, watching it go around, it comes back to me and it sprayed some stuff on me. Hell nawww, I jammed.
4th of July, i was with Pookie. Walked around and talked. Definitely laughed. We went to her house and she gave me a B&J margarita. It was really yummy. it's more like a soda cause there's only 4% alcohol. After we left her house, went on base to see the fireworks. When it was over, we headed to the park to just sit and eat our chex mix. We took a sip of this bottle that Lorena brought. AYYYYYYYYYY, it smelled all sweet and tasted all sweet for a second. Then it just burned all the way down to the stomach.

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