Friday, July 9, 2010

Missha BB Cream

So my mom ordered Missha BB Cream a week ago & it's finally here!
We got a small one (20g) because we wanted to try it out.
So I also got this box filled with tiny things!
It came with other BB Cream (10ml)
The lipgloss is really tiny. Hence, the cellphone strap is attached.
Then there's "BB Boomer" which is suppose to make your skin more radiant.

It also came with Oil Cleanser (Make-up Remover) & Detoxifying Peeling Gel.

I spent my day with Kevin :) went over to Gabriel's house for a bit. I was just supposed to pick up money but we ended up talking for a quite a while. He gave us Mickey Mouse lollipops!
"Splace Mountain".

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