Monday, May 23, 2011


Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book:
Great Gatsby

I found one in Japanese.

So a student from my school has passed away in a car accident. To be honest, I've always found him annoying and preferred not to be near him. But I've never imagined him passing away. It's such a weird feeling to see a student who was completely "out there", where everyone knew him just suddenly disappear.
Our principal is terrible. I've seen a lot of students affected by his lost and our principal announced in the morning that he has a team of counselors so students could talk and cry to. Which is really nice. But after the announcment, he goes around the whole class room talking to them about this tragic loss and the couseling team. I think announcment is enough. I dont think it's necessary for him to go to each class and make them feel depressed than they already are. Especially if it's toward the end of school. He came to my fifth period class which is second to last period of the day. (im just speaking my opinion so dont back fire at me).
& another thing is i've seen this guy who is filled with joy because of this incident. Can he just keep it to himself and show a little bit of respect? All of the things he've said are completely horrible.

Well on the brighter side of my day, i went to jack in the box with Chris
& later went to Dez's house.

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