Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo.01 & e.l.f. cosmetics

Day01 : A Photo of Yourself with Ten Facts.

1. Im 100% Japanese
2. I can be pretty lesbian sometimes
3. I dont talk about it at school but yes, being a typical asian, i love anime.
4. Im addicted to makeup. (I like collecting them)
5. I observe people way too much and too detailed.
6. Im always hungry and craving for food.
7. I have a dirty mind.
8. I suffer from jealousy
9. I am always in the need of new things (clothes, accessories, false lashes, makeup, etc)
10. I love legit mexican food.

So today, my mother went to target and she got me these: Eyeshadow & Lipgloss

I dont have picture of swatches but i did swatched them on my boyfriend's arm.
The pigmentation is 3 out of 5.
Most shimmer color has a good pigmentation while the matte colors lack it.
The matte colors look chalky.
Definitely put primer before applying the eyeshadow and pack on the matte colors.

I dont really care for the lip colors.
Besides, they're dark for my taste.

So these are loose shadows.

The pigmentation on these are really good.
Especially the black one.
It's definitely black all right.

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