Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've grown so much love.

My dad dropped me off to the school for band camp today. I totally hit a depression. In short, my dad is getting out of the navy on May 18th. A day after my fucking birthday. Therefore, we basically cant stay here (?) I mean, hell. My family would take the opportunity to move back to Japan if they could & i guess this is one of the chances or possibilities.? Dude, fucking serious? Cant he wait for one more year at least? He wants to me to graduate early.
Basically means not walk the line with other people. Come on. I never got to go to Japanese highschool like i dreamed of. At least let me stay and go to the freakin prom, grad night, and walk the line with my friends instead of being a loner at where ever im gonna be at. Honestly, i've grown so much love to California. Even to this ghetto Hueneme.

Everything i planned for my senior year, & after senior year is now crushed.
Bullshit. i swear.

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