Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exciting News!

I start my job tomorrow at Channel Islands Harbor foodcourt! If you want to eat Japanese food, you should totally go. :) I hope my voice is back tomorrow and im better. Because i had a fever in the morning.

So last night, my family and i went out to eat in n out. I got animal fries. Which probably wasnt the smartest idea because i ate a doubledown as my breakfast/lunch. But the Heart Attack tasted good. So after eating, we went to Target because my dad had to get something.
I bought (well, my mom bought me) a white tank and a romper. & of course i went to the cosmetic section. I got e.l.f.'s liquid liner in 'Coffee' . & this 'Beauty S.O.S.' thing. I just got it because it had a concealer in it.
I also got a brush set. Starting from the left, Powder brush, Concealer brush, Shadow brush, and a Stippling brush (or Blush/Bronzer). & lastly, Aveeno moisturizer :D yaaaay.
So my original plan for today was go to the mall with Pookie, however, i had a fever and my voice was still gone, i stayed home and painted my nails instead, while i babysat. Pretty Boring day except the fact that im getting a job!! & my mom is giving me money for today.

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