Friday, August 20, 2010

FirstDay of Work & Yoko!

Last night, my sister gave me a Yoko figure she got for her birthday.
Look at her boobies!
So she's just chillin next to my lappy.

So today was my first day of Work at Sakurachaya.
I worked for three hours and made $27. I guess at the end of each day, she'll pay me in cash. It's so coooooool! I have a job:) i work Tuesday through Friday for three hours. 11am~2pm.
My wifey, Jessica and her daddy came & gave tips! :) Then JoeyStarr came and also gave tips! :D

I wore my new lashes todayy. It's really soft and SUPER light then i expected.

Gonna share an amazing song by M-flo featuring Yokshika

Also listen to Shota Shimuzu's cover;;

Both amazing ♥

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