Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

This was my dinner ;;
It's pretty good. Typical if it was in japan but good here. Because this place aint got no good jap foods. Anywhoo, so the owner of this restaurant(...? well it's in the food court.) was looking for a day time worker and she asked my mom if she wanted to work but my mom has a lot of stuff to do. So instead, my mom passed me the offer. The owner seemed pretty happy so im pretty sure im getting the job :) It's so legit cause they speak Japanese. i am excited.

So after dinner, the fam stopped by CVS. They had a lot of things on sale.
Regular Price ; $13.99 . Sale ; $8.00!
I was originally looking for a Mint Julep Masque, however CVS didnt have any so i got CVS' brand instead. Hopefully it's nice :)
& lastly NYC's tinted lip balm. The right is 'Sugar Coated' and the left is 'Sugar Kiss'.
They both smell really sweet & delicious.

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