Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Im still sick & sadly i lost my voice :( My left side of the throat is sore. I had exact same situation last year around this time. I hope it's not throat infection again.

On the sunny note like today's weather, i've received my lashes from Hong Kong! From bf-factory (beauty's factory). I ordered mine exactly a week ago, so they get here pretty fast. They have pretty good deals on there. The lashes came all bubble wrapped as you can see.
I got Korean lashes. :)
20 pairs of these were $6.00
These 20 pairs were also &6.00 :)
So they gave me two extra things as a bonus, which is really sweet. One is called Eye Charm. If you're asian (minus Filipinos) we all deal with uneven eyelids or no lids for some people (Lids as in your eye crease) due to extra skin on our lids. So this is basically a glue for eyelids so you can create what you call, "double eyelids".
They also gave me fake nails. Although i dont use these cause i like my actual nails long, i thought it was really nice:)
DayTwo of trying out Dolly Wink. Definitely love it. it's super soft & super light.

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